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Mark Wittren

Some beers are born in the Rocky Mountains, some in the Pacific Northwest. 

No matter where you're brewing your batch of perfection, make sure you are

doing it in the highest quality vessels available.  Our products are custom built by

the experts that know what true craftsmanship means. Here at DT Fabrications

we combine over a decade of experience with the highest quality materials and

fabrication standards in the industry. We take pride in our work, so you can be

proud of yours.



Co - Founder & CEO

AJ Bahadar
Lydia Martin

Social Media Director

Co - Founder & COO

AJ brings 8 years of professional experience and education to the welding and operations side of the business.  AJ is the visionary behind the dream turned reality that is DT Fabrications.

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19117 NE 58th Street

Vancouver, WA  98682

Tel: 360-991-3234

M-F: 8am-6pm PST.


dt fabrication

custom design & creation

Lydia is ever- present with a camera, and handles all social media interactions.

Marks attention to details and the insights into design have pushed DT Fabrication into the fore - front of west coast vessel manufacturing.

Thanks for contacting us! We'll review the provided information and reach back out to you.

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